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Recommended Books

    The following books will help you, if you can get them. Study them during your covenant time, and at other times.
    • Introducing Holy Ghost School - LaFAMCALLMinistries
    • Whose Image Are You - LaFAMCALLMinistries
    • Spiritual Colours - LaFAMCALLMinistries
    • Book of Divine Blessings - LaFAMCALLMinistries.
    • Journey into The Wealthy Place - Ngozi Anyaora
    • I Fear God - Ngozi Anyaora
    • How To Hear From God - Lambert Okafor
    • Becoming Like Christ - Gbile Akanni
    • Ruled by The Spirit - Beaty Lewis
    • Secrets of The Vine - Bruce Wilkinson
    • Practice of the Presence of God - Brother Lawrence
    • The Final Quest - Rick Joyner
    • I Dared to Call Him Father - Bilquis Sheik
    • If Not For The Grace of God - Joyce Meyer (and her other books)
    • The Secret place - Dale Fife
    • The God Chasers - Tommy Tenney
    • Matters of the Heart - Juanita Bynun
    • Let God Guide You Daily - Wesley L. Duewel
    • Normal Christian Life - Watchman Nee(and his other books)
    • Three Battle Grounds - Francis Frangipane
    • The Next Move of God - Fuchsia Pickett
    • A Passion for God's Presence - Wayne Jacobson
    • Men From God's School - Oswald Sanders
    • How You Can Be Led by the Spirit of God - Kenneth E. Hagin(and his other books)
    • The Holy Spirit My Senior Partner - David Yonggi Cho
    • Listening Prayers - Mary Ruth Swope
    • Hungry for more of Jesus - David Wilkerson
    • So you don't want to go to church anymore - Jake Colsen
    • School of the Spirit - Roberts Liardon
    • To Know Him: Beyond Religion Waits a Relationship That Will Change Your Life - Gloria Copeland
    There is so much we need to know about our lives, the end time and life in eternity. Get as much of these books as you can and 'eat' them, as one eats food when he is very hungry. God will use them to open your eyes to the many truths you need to know. Don't read just any Christian book you see. These ones have been approved by the Holy Spirit and so we recommend them. Ask the Holy Spirit before buying or reading any Christian books. You should read books which are in line with the work He is doing in your life.
    However, if you can't fine any of these books, you should not worry. The Holy Spirit will help you get some other good DISCIPLESHIP BOOKS, if need be. The important thing is for you to be in His presence at your covenant time, for Him to teach you, feed you, speak to you, direct you and beautify your life.
    God Bless You !


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